RemoteMonkey can be purchased on Google Play.


Buyers of RemoteMonkey and users of the RemoteMonkey demo version can download RemoteMonkeyServer from here free of charge. The software requires Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
Please read and accept the following licenses.


RemoteMonkeyServer, (c) copyright Thorsten Rosenkranz

RemoteMonkeyServer is protected by copyright. Buyers of RemoteMonkey app for Android are allowed to download RemoteMonkeyServer from here and install it on any number of computers if those computers are used with the purchased RemoteMonkey app. Retransmission of the software is not allowed.
This software is provided "as is" without any warranties. The author is not liable for any damage caused by using it.

Qt library

RemoteMonkeyServer uses the Qt library licensed under the Gnu Lesser General Public License LGPL v. 2.1
The Qt libraries are linked dynamically and can be found in the installation directory of RemoteMonkeyServer. You can download the sources here.

Please read the LGPL v. 2.1.


 I have read and accept the licenses mentioned above.